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We merge imagination and technology to help brands grow in an age of digital transformation.

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  • Expect design thinking, creativity and problem solving.
  • Build, Launch and Grow with us. Buiness returns you profit by explore digital plateform that make your Business a Brand in Digital Era.
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Your Company Needs ‘Way to Enter in Web World’ and Akodars provide you to make a big brand in Digital Era. Let your brand reach heights with US ! Akodars company in Delhi, India which is known for delivering quality not for quantity in online services its businesses of different genres. The company process of providing online services is best as your demand with our direction according to your vision.

Graphic Design

Visual Contents are more powerful to attract anyone its dipiction based on imagination. Know more about Creativity.

WebSite Design & Development

If You are here means you are searching for New Website for your business so lets Start

App Development

Now a Days further advancement of technology demands more Portable services.

Digital Marketing

Akodars do perfect efforts for your company to make a Brand in Digital Plateforms

Video Editing & Marketing

Video is shows real time experiences thats very impactful to shows in front of your audience

Maintenance & Re-Design

Overall Process that is depends on maintaining and redesign according to your requirement


Choosing the right way to run your business with Akodars. We determines about our duty till commitment not fullfil. Because we deliver at right time that makes us faith strong for healthy relationship. We design a brand strategy that is Scalable, Efficient, Clear, Simple, User-Friendly, Responsive, Innovative and receptive. Because our main concern towards the current cenerio of the Digital World that we work prominent and Akodars are make your Company Eminent in the market.

End-to-End Solution

We understand your efforts towards your business we also work with you for growing your business to achive your goal.

Work for Quality only

Quality is prime focus of our concern to make clients of clients. Akodars are work in a good manner and make simple solution of complicatd problems.

Easy and Simple integration

We are experts in complex Web App integration. If it can save your valuable time and improves your workflow, we’ll do it.

Engineered for real business outcomes

Limited solution may not give your desired outcome. Where we helps to implement as intllactual way to find the exact solution with our expert.

Creative and Innovative ideas

Imagination is the beyond. With combination of your and our imagination makes something better invention for market.


Some Reviews recived by intraction with our lovly audience.
The most organized, down to earth in behavior, and making goodwill with us, by Akodars Team. It's amazing. Not only that, Akodars Developers skill at relaxing you, whilst taking the most helping nature and assist us for a better option. Not only would I recommend the developer team of Akodars that you also prefer for your business to make digitally with Akodars world.


We combine your imagination and ideas with akodars world and result presents a unique concept for your business to stand strongly in digital plateform. Here are some perfect showcase of digital solutions in digital web station. Have a look.....!

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  • Website
  • Digital Marketing
  • GFX
  • App

Website 1


Digital Marketing 1

Digital Marketing

Website 2


Website 3


App 1


App 2


App 3


App 4


Digital Marketing 2

Digital Marketing



Website 5


Digital Marketing 3

Digital Marketing





Digital Marketing 4

Digital Marketing

Website 4


Website 6



We work with clients in a variety of verticals, including home improvement, beauty care, manufacturing, financial, medical, service industries, and NGO, where not the end of limit. Akodars works with you by following your direction and ideas.. You have to tell us your requirments where akodars team will help you to short out difficulties and make a new way to stand for your business in digital Era.

So what are you waiting for. Select it now. And connect with Akodars world.


Static Customised Website

$287/Rs. 21000 Inr

  • Beautifully Designed Site
  • Silder Banner
  • Customize Layout Design
  • HTML5/ CSS3
  • Responsive
  • Upto 5 Pages
  • Search engine optimized Website
  • Additional Pages $25
  • Blog
  • Handling Social Media
  • Social Media Links
  • Custom Theme
  • Organized
  • Contact Form
  • Testimonial


E-Commerce Website

$1990/Rs. 145000 Inr


  • Admin Pannel
  • User Pannel
  • Shopping Cart
  • App
  • Advanced Search
  • Product Details
  • Live Chat
  • Customer Feedback
  • Promocode
  • Multiple Vendor
  • Site Map
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Review Feature


Web + App


$2893/Rs. 211000 Inr


  • App for Android
  • App for IOS
  • Events Registration
  • Push Notification
  • Request post
  • Dashboard
  • Popular Product
  • Whatsapp Chat
  • Appealing Logo
  • Complete Testing
  • Multipule Vendor
  • Full Support

Our Experts

We have a fantastic team of branding, marketing, PR, advertising, digital, design and social media experts. Not only are they great at what they do, but they know how to have fun while doing it. We may have different personal passions, but we all share one professional passion – to provide our clients with un-matched personalized care that creates thrilling business results.

Frequently Asked Questions

We believe that some query and questions running on your mind, so here are some facts that may be you will get right answer of your query. Either you have other enquiry, then please feel free to ask us and contact us or emailed us.....Thanks.


There is a positive vibe here. It's full of energy and excitement. A feeling that anything is possible. It's an open, warm and inviting feeling.

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